Project Management Phase


Follow up with Suppliers

To ensure timely supply and track all shipments.

Maintaining & Updating Project Documentation

There is an enormous build up of documentation during a large project and this has to be maintained professionally.

We will discuss Scope and Size of various services that client wants to provide:- e.g.

Maintaining Cost/ Quality & Time

Success of a project depends on controlling all 3 parameters.

Receiving & Inspection of Delivered Goods

This ensures that contract specifications and standards have been met.

All deficiencies are noted to prepare Snag Lists for immediate resolution.

Technical Coordination

This is an ongoing process and ensures that all Electromechanical services are being provided and installed as per project requirements.

This ensures that all medical equipment can be installed without delays and will work satisfactorily.

Supervision of Installation & Commissioning

We will ensure that equipment is installed in accordance to the manufacture’s recommendation and is commissioned as per manuals.

Supervision & Organising of Training

Schedules will be drawn up to coordinate satisfactory training for Client’s staff, nurses and Biomedical team.

Preperation of Operation & Service Manuals

This activity is sometimes overlooked and is very important for the hospital’s Biomedical team.

Project Handover

We will make sure that all snags are solved, all documentation and drawings are in order and all contractual issues have been solved.