Hospital Design: Planning Phase

Form Follows Function

Site Survey and Land Use Analysis

Team members to review site through Site Visit and advise on the feasibility of size and location of the Healthcare facility.

Prepare Design Briefs

We will advise client on Clinical Services that a major hospital should provide.

We will discuss Scope and Size of various services that client wants to provide:- e.g.

  • How large should the maternity service be

  • Should there be open heart surgery

  • How many OPD rooms are needed

  • Will there be organ transplant etc...
  • All these issues affect the design of the hospital.

    Functional Space Program

    Very important step and allocates space to each and every department and room of the hospital.

    This includes Clinical areas, Circulation space, Support areas and other areas in and outside the hospital.

    This allows the architect to plan the hospital better with proper utilization of available space.

    Concept Drawings

  • This is a scaled drawing and plan which shows

  • Workflow patterns

  • Circulation of traffic within the hospital

  • Placement and Relation of different departments to each other
  • This study allows the hospital to be designed to maximize staff and patient comfort and improve efficiency.

    ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Over the last few years we have felt the need to produce coordinated building drawings, particularly in projects with multiple engineering infrastructure support disciplines. Therefore, in line with the most advanced trends in the world, we have developed the capability to provide:

    COMPLETE BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM) THROUGH THE USE OF REVIT SOFTWARE which enables realtime modelling and modifications in three dimensions thereby cutting down on human errors in drafting, particularly during implementing modifications to the original design.

    Medical Schematic Drawings

    The Concept drawings are further developed where by internal partitions of each department are shown as per the space program.

    At this stage the client will have great clarity as to the general layout of his hospital, the space being allocated to each dept., and how the departments look in relation to each other.


    Room Listing

    In this stage the List of Equipment-both Medical and Non-medical is provided ON ROOM BY ROOM BASIS.

    Quantities of each item are mentioned in this list.

    Loaded Room Drawings

    Can be considered as another very important phases in the design. This provides:

    Location of equipment within the room drawn to scale-usually 1:100.

    Once the configuration and spatial relationships are approved , 1:20 Elevation drawings of typical rooms are provided to further enhance the understanding of layouts.

    Preliminary data on Electromechanical services is shown room by room


    In a hospital building the interface between the equipment and the Electromechanical design is the MOST CRITICAL ACTIVITY. Any mistakes here can cause severe delays.

    Room Finishing Schedules

    The finishes of Floors, walls, Ceilings , special type of paints etc. are provided.

    Ceiling Reflected Plans

    This shows the location of Lights, Smoke detectors, Sprinklers, Diffusers, ceiling panels etc.

    Detailed Electromechanical Design Services

    This is a time consuming study and provides detail design on the following services needed in a hospital:

  • Piped Medical Gas System

  • Water-Hot and Cold

  • Drainage System

  • Steam lines

  • Electricity: high, medium and low voltage systems

  • UPS and IPS systems

  • LPG gas lines

  • All kinds of Exhaust systems

  • Air conditioning

  • All kinds of Communication system

  • Building Management Systems

  • Fire Suppression systems
  • ELECTROMECHANICAL DESIGN: in keeping with the latest trend we employ latest licensed software including AUTOCAD , ZWCAD , REVIT ,HAP amongst other specialized and general office software

    Equipment and Room Schedules

    Equipment schedules are prepared which show clearly:

  • Quantity of each item in the hospital or Bill of quantities (BOQ)

  • Location of each item in the hospital.
  • Specifications

    This is another time intensive activity and provides detailed equipment specification of each item in the hospital.

    Interior Design

    This allows the architects to suggest a variety of designs in consultation with the client to present a facility which is pleasing, holistic and healing to the patient.

    This design is usually Evidence based and maximizes on the use of Natural sunlight, Greenery, water, soothing colors etc.

    Hospital Signage

    This activity is part of the services and is mentioned specifically because of it’s importance in making the hospital both Patient ,Staff and Visitor friendly.