Medical Equipment Procurement

From Spot Plasters to Operating Tables

All the effort of designing eventually leads to the major milestone of Medical Equipment procurement.

This has to be planned in early stages so that equipment chosen carries out it’s clinical function and yet remains within the budget of the client.

Quite often the client himself undertakes this huge task ; however we can plan and organize the entire procurement schedule in consultation with the client and his advisers.

Procurement is done in stages based on readiness of the areas and the engineering services available in that area.

It is closely linked to constant follow up with suppliers , pre shipping inspection , organization of shipping schedules, clearance , customs , inland transportation , warehousing , unpacking , and moving to site.

All missing items are noted and snags are noted to be solved asap.

We understand that designing a new hospital or health care facility requires extensive planning to ensure the best use of the space available, it has to be functional and sterile. The building and the equipment need to be durable and easy to manage to meet the demands of the day to day running of a busy medical facility.

We will be with you every step of the way from the architectural design and planning through to the procurement of the right equipment.