Healthcare IT Solutions

Transforming IT in Healthcare


HealthFore is a global Healthcare IT Solutions and Advisory Services company providing transformational B2B and B2C IT solutions to healthcare organizations ranging from Consumers to Single-multi chain hospitals to Public Health Enterprises. HealthFore solutions act as catalyst for change, increasing efficiencies and providing direct benefits to all stakeholders across the whole continuum of care.

HealthFore's mission has been to provide customers with solutions crafted to meet their strategic goals - solutions that are built on leading edge technology and backed by significant domain expertise. Covering the entire gamut of healthcare operations for providers on all levels, HealthFore provides robust, scalable and efficient IT platforms across a wide spectrum of care delivery. This means that whether you’re a small diagnostic center or an enterprise-class hospital, no client is too big or too small, an important fact considering what lies at stake in the field of healthcare. We constantly help them improve their business and deliver better care to their patients.

Our flagship products Magnum HIS & Magnum Imaging enable providers to considerably improve patient safety & patient satisfaction, gain operational efficiencies and meet regulatory obligations.

Through our mHealth and Telemedicine solutions we also provide a platform that helps in greater healthcare access to larger segments of the population, including increased access to healthcare & health-related information as well as improved ability to diagnose & track diseases.